Finding Books & E-Books
Need to find a book or e-book?  Click here to search the library catalog:
Library Catalog Unrestricted Resource
Use this catalog to search for books, videos and other materials from the Bradley Library and other I-Share libraries.
Video Tutorial: How to Use the Library Catalog
Google Scholar: Useful ONLY When You Can't Find Full-text in a Database
How To Videos for Searching Google Scholar
Basic Searching in Google Scholar
Known Citation Searching in Google Scholar
how to search Google Scholar when you have a Citation in hand.
Get It Via Google Scholar from Article Database
Using the Advanced Features in Google Scholar Pt1
ILLIAD - Interlibrary Loan for Articles
You can use ILLIAD to request the full text of an article when you can't get it from a database you've searched or Google Scholar. This is a video tutorial on how to use ILLIAD.
What Is a Peer-Reviewed Article?
​What is a peer-reviewed article?  Why would you want one?  How do you find one?  Watch this 3 minute introduction on Peer Review from North Carolina State University Libraries to find out more.
Databases for Interactive Media Research
Academic Search Complete
This multidisciplinary database contains about 13,800 journals, with about 9,000 of those in full text.  Features journals such as Human-Computer Interaction and Presence.

ACM Digital Library
Contains numerous journals on computer science, including some with IM applications,  such as ACM Transactions on Intelligent Interactive Systems and Computers in Entertainment.

Database with much full-text that houses several animation and gaming-oriented journals, including Games and Culture, New Media & Society, Simulation & Gaming, and Visual Communication.

Your Friendly Librarian: I'm Here to Help!

Kari Garman

Useful Links for Interactive Media
25 Essential Blogs and Resources for Indie Game Developers
Resource list of game development and mobile industry blogs & resources.

All things about the art & business of making games, including blogs, news items, and a job board.

A social platform for developers in the games & interactive media industries to learn, share, and connect via forums, articles, tutorials, blogs, career resources, and more.

Looking for a resource that can show you where the jobs are?  GameDevMap plots out which game companies are located where.  To be placed on the map, the company must have at least five employees.  Searching is available by company type and country as well as the map itself.

International Game Developers Association
Internationlly-based professional association / network for individuals from all fields of game development.  Includes an events calendar and job board.